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  1. If you are a registered member of and you are from Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, you are contracting with Zoobe Global Private Limited. Part of which services can be provided through our sales, hotel reservation, and support businesses in countries served by Zoobe Global.

    The Promotion Services provided by shall include the following terms and conditions. Top rankings and sponsored listings that directly benefit and promote the company.

    A Member may not use the Sites, Services or Member Account to engage in any activities that are similar to or similar to the business of the e-commerce marketplace. is the sole owner of all rights and interests in the Sites and Site Content. And licensed under the Government of Pakistan. Zoobe Global and all of its business partners and all content are protected by international copyright and other laws on a commercial basis. Unauthorized copying, modification, use or publication of their marks is strictly prohibited.

  2. After the accepting term and condition mention in website one can get registration and avail all services of Zoobe Global and got an individual account for seller and buyers either it is in individual or incorporate account.
  3. You have to Agree to all terms and condition and privacy policy of Zoobe Global Which is mandatory for its users.
  4. Zoobe Global is an international trading platform where anyone can start their business with confidence after going through the registration process and sell their products worldwide and get a unique identity on the website.
  5. Zoobe Global is providing its services to various sectors in Pakistan and expanding your industry to the international market.
  6. The Zoobe Global reserves tight to alter, change, modify or add anything all or any of term and condition with giving any prior notice.
  7. For placing of order customers provide accurate information which is mandatory for effective delivery of services.
  8. In case of wrong or fake information the order will be cancelled and registration will be cancelled and account will be block.
  9. If a seller send expiry, outdated, wrong, unhygienic, forge, poor quality, low wait, or delay delivery time etc the Zoobe Global will cancelled its registration and block its account.
  10. Seller and Purchaser can file a complaint to Zoobe Global for any case regarding, misconduct, ethics, irregularity, illegality, corrupt practice.
  11. Zoobe Global reserve the right to take action against anyone who involve any illegal activities against Zoobe Global or trying to spoil its reputation or making any false propaganda. Besides this Zoobe Global reserve right to get compensation and and initiate legal proceeding befor the competent court of law.
  12. In case of cyber-crime or criminal infringement the zoobe Global is not responsible for any compensation.
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