Zoobe Global network is working in different countries including Pakistan. Zoobe Global Mission is to do business anywhere and make it easy. We offer to sell your products worldwide and ship globally using our network. We provide opportunities for people from all over the world to do different types of business on one platform and connect millions of sellers and buyers as well as different businesses.

Zoobe Global is a one-window, one-solution platform for foreign trade. which is committed to providing one-stop services for overseas buyers of thousands of products made in Pakistan so that sellers and buyers can take advantage of business opportunities and promote international trade.

Trade easily and securely.
We are designed to facilitate sellers to place, accept, manage delivery and fulfill orders for online delivery of their products through our one-window, one-solution platform.

Our Mission
We are introducing various types of businesses to the whole world including Pakistan through a single platform. For this we offer to sell your products worldwide using the world's best e-commerce platform.

Our Vision
We do not compete with anyone but our vision is that we have countless projects that you can join and revolutionize the economy of Pakistan.